Author & Illustrator

Aged four, I set off on my career in books. All I liked to do was read and draw, but had to go to school first where I was only ever any good at reading and drawing.

After school, I went to Kingston-on-Thames College of Art. While there, I was lucky to catch exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert, by inspiring illustrators such as Aubrey Beardsley and Arthur Rackham.

After a few jobs in studios, learning all the things I should have learned at art college, I became a freelance illustrator. Not being very organised, it’s a wonder that I ever got anything done at all.

But somehow, I have illustrated more than a hundred books and written stories for books, television and magazines.

The process follows a pattern: excitement when I get the brief; pencil chewing while preparing sketchy roughs; bleary eyes and late nights when completing the artwork; relief when it’s finished and I’ve loved every minute!


“Lynn Breeze is a highly talented author/artist whose talent for depicting babies has won her world-wide acclaim.” – Alibris